Group project 2, part 1

The second group project will be split into two parts:

For part 1, you must have provide:

Description and goals for part 2

You must provide, in part 1, a description of your game and goals for part 2. For example:

"Pong" is a two-player game where each player tries to reflect a ball back to the other player by moving a paddle. The player who wins a round is the one who never fails to reflect the ball. Greater skill requires predicting where to move the paddle to reflect the ball. Player 1 is controlled by the keyboard, Player 2 is controlled by the mouse. The paddles are fixed at the left and right sides of the screen but can be moved up and down. The ball's initial velocity is random.

This first version of the game only has the basic gameplay. Part 2 will include increased difficulty (faster ball movement), an opening screen and win/loss screen, a high score list, and better graphics.

Separately, on Dropbox, turn in the ZIP archive of your game and a text/Word/PDF document of your description and goals.

Requirements for the game

Your final game should be the culmination of all that you have learned in this class. There is one exception: you are not required to use fisica.

Your code is required to include:

Additionally, you are required to have:

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