Lab 7

Create two classes: Player, Bug. The Player class (but not the Bug class) must draw an animated sprite (maybe only if the player is in motion, or maybe all the time). The Bug class must draw an image, which might or might not be animated. Create one instance of the Player class, and allow this instance to be moved around the screen with the keyboard and/or mouse. You must have an array of Bug objects, so that there are many of them on the screen at the same time. The bugs move around on their own (perhaps randomly).

Create functions in the Player class called getX() and getY() and create functions in the Bug class called getTopLeftX(), getTopLeftY(), getWidth(), and getHeight(), that return the corresponding values. Then, in the draw() function in the main file, use these functions to determine if the player is touching any of the bugs (where "touching" means "the player's center is within the bug's bounding box defined by its top-left x/y and width/height"). When a player is touching a bug, either print a message (using println()) or draw text on the screen or whatever.

Note that this is how you write a function that "returns" a value from a class:

class Foo
  int x;
  // ...
  int getX()
    return x;

When you upload your code to the Dropbox, make sure you use "Archive Sketch" feature in the Tools menu so that you upload all of your files and not just your main file.

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