Lab 3

Watch the videos about keyboard input and mouse input.

Create a keyboard- and mouse-controlled program. At least one object has to move based on keyboard input and/or mouse input. Or, at least one object may appear or disappear, or change colors, based on keyboard input and/or mouse input. Make at least four different kinds of responses, depending on which keys are pressed and how the mouse is moved. You must check basic keys like key == 'w' and key codes like keyCode == UP. Regardless of how you do it, you are required to have keyboard- and mouse-controlled features, even if it's just the same object controlled by both the keyboard and mouse.

There is a big list of key codes at the Java reference page. Each item in that list starts VK_; just remove the VK_ and you have the keycode. You may also find the Processing references useful; refer to the subsections "Mouse" and "Keyboard" under the "Input" section.

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