By the end of this class, you should be able to:

The first goal should be unsurprising. The second goal ensures you can efficiently learn a new technical skill. You may forget how to program in Processing, but hopefully you do not forget how to search the web about techincal questions and understand (often inadequate) documentation.


You are required to attend Friday lecture, at least one of the two lab days each week, and both group presentation days. Your attendance grade is the percent of these classes/labs you attend.


We'll generally have one lab per week. Each lab assignment is a programming assignment.

Submit your lab by adding your ZIP file to the Carmen dropbox. Due dates are listed on the home page of this site.

Late work is penalized. Your maximum possible score on late work is 60/100. You can turn it in at any time (until the last day of class). Submit late work to the appropriate dropbox, and send me an email telling me you have done so, because I may not see it otherwise.


We have three short tests, which take place on Fridays (in the classroom). We have no "final exam." The tests are hand-written, so you don't use a computer. You won't be asked to write programs. Test dates are on the home page.

Group projects

You will have two group projects. Each group has two members. You share a grade for the project. Details about project requirements will be provided later. You will be asked to create a small interactive game in both cases (the first project will be simpler).

Rather than have a final exam during finals' week, we will have group presentations for the second, larger project.


Test 110%
Test 210%
Test 310%
Group project 110%
Group project 220%

Academic misconduct policy

I want you to utilize the internet, and each other, to learn Processing but also to learn how to learn. Outside the classroom, everyone references to the internet, colleagues, and sometimes books, to learn new technical material.

However, with regards to your lab assignments, you must indicate any code that you copied, including the source web address of the code. You are required to contribute most of the code in your lab; do not turn in a lab mostly written by other people.

I reserve the right to give you a 0% on an assignment if I believe it is clear that you copied most or all of the answers.

During tests, there is no tolerance for copying answers or collaborating (obviously).

Violators of these policies will be referred to the OSU Committee on Academic Misconduct (COAM).

Disability statement

Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss your specific needs. You should also contact the Office for Disability Services at 614-292-3307 in room 150 Pomerene Hall to coordinate reasonable accommodations for documented disabilities.
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